Invitation for EDUC seminar- Life Long Health and Wellbeing

2021. FEBRUÁR 24. Hírek Kari hírek

Dear Doctoral Students,


The University of Pécs and the University of Potsdam will organize Life Long Health and Wellbeing seminar.


The aim of the seminar is to provide the latest scientific and professional insights, present recent findings and share experiences in health sciences, with special emphasis given to the importance of lifelong health and improving the quality of life. The seminar covers a wide range of topics, including sport science, healthy aging and health literacy.


The venue and date of the seminar: Microsoft Teams, 19th March 2021.

The main topics of our seminar:

- Life long health and wellbeing

- Physical activity for healthy aging

- Can health literacy influence our health?

The language of the seminar is English.

The participation is free, but if you are interested you must be registered with an e-mail (

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Hoping to see you in the seminar.

On behalf of the organising team, yours sincerely,

Henrietta Bánfai-Csonka


Prof. Dr. József Betlehem (University of Pécs)

T:  +36 72/513-650



Dr. István Tarrósy

(University of Pécs)

T: +36 72/501-500